20 Weeks Pregnant


*20 Weeks* How far along? Officially 21 weeks and 2 days. The picture above is on my last day of my 20th week. (That’s typically when I take each week’s picture.) Weight Gain: At my 20 week checkup I gained about 5 pounds. I think part of that was due to eating out for every meal […]

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Dubai & Baby Update

16 weeks

Well as most of you know, we are having a baby GIRL!!!!! Her name is Raelynn Jane Hammrich. The name carries a lot of significance to our family. Lynn is my grandfathers name, and also my dad’s, mine, and my mother in law’s middle name. Jane is my mom’s name. The gender reveal party was […]

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Baby Hammrich: Week 14

unnamed (4)

* 14 Weeks * The only things that have really changed this week are: Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping well at night this week. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the pregnancy but I just can’t seem to get comfortable. Plus I’m almost to the “you can’t sleep on your back” stage, […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

I love goals and resolutions. So, needless to say, when it comes to writing out New Year’s Resolutions, I get pretty excited. Once again on January 1st, Jerrub and I sat down and wrote out all of our goals for the new year. (Plus it’s a fun time to spend with your spouse!) We actually […]

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Sleep & weight loss

How much sleep are you getting each night? Enough sleep helps your body to perform at it’s best all day long. When you deprive yourself and your body of sleep, you are running on low energy and are more likely to reach for comfort food when hungry during the day. Also, when you aren’t getting […]

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5 breakfasts options

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Please don’t skip breakfast! When you eat breakfast you are literally breaking the “fast” that our body was on all night. Some people think skipping breakfast will help them lose weight, but it actually aids in weight gain. By skipping breakfast, or any other meal for that matter, your body will store food as fat […]

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