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Nike Training App


I had some friends come and visit a few weeks ago and they introduced me to this Nike Training App. I guess you could say I’m “promoting” it right now! I love it!!! There are so many different circuit workouts you can do at home.They talk you through it and let you know when to […]

Zucchini Pizza Boats and Kickboxing


Last night I made Zucchini Pizza Boats and they turned out delicious!! I cut the zucchini in half. Mixed together about 1/2 cup pizza sauce, some garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and a pinch of basil and spread on the zucchini. Then topped it with turkey pepperonis and light mozzarella cheese.   Sprayed the pan and bake […]

Upper Body Circuit


Jerrub and I have been trying something new the past couple of days. He is getting up and going to the gym at 5:00 in the morning before work, and I am going to the gym/ doing things at home whenever I have time throughout the day. We are trying this for a few reasons. […]