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How to make a beautiful life!


  My mom and I are queers about cards. We could spend hours in the card aisle trying to pick out the perfect one. Thats why when she doesn’t write a message at the bottom of a card and just signs it “Love you, Mom”, it doesn’t make me mad at all! The card she […]

Making healthy a Lifestyle, Not just a quick fix

I used to be a fool for diets and working out hard for a short period of time or until I hit my goal…. like getting ready for Spring Break for example. But then I would fall right back into my old habits and be frusturated wtih myself and the whole cycle would start all over […]

Hope you feel Beautiful Today!

I am already running late getting ready for work, but I just wanted to say that I hope you feel beautiful today 🙂 No matter what is going on in your life or what flaws you may have, love yourself for who you are. God made you that way, so why be so negative about yourself? Whether it’s something […]

Signs, Signs, and more Signs

So, I know I have been slacking on writing in my blog lately and debating with myself whether I want to start back up or not. When I was writing regularly, I had people that I barely knew tell me that I was inspiring them and it pushed me to want to keep writing. Then […]

My first go in the “blog world”

So, I’ve always read other blogs and thought “How neat! I would never be able to do that.” But, then I remembered this is the year of not just sitting back and talking about everything I want to do, but actually DOING IT! So, I decided, Why not! What will it hurt, right? I started googling “how to […]