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Ladies: It’s Not Too Late

I am SOOOO excited and happy to start A Confident Heart Online Bible Study in just 2 weeks with my group of 40 + girls that signed up 🙂 Yea that’s right.. I said 40 girls!!!! I was blown away with the feedback I got from all of  the girls that decided to join.     And here […]

Attention All Ladies

As some of you might know (because I blogged about it when I started), I just recently finished an Online Bible Study focusing on the book, “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope. I enjoyed it so much and felt like I grew in so many areas of my life, and because of that I don’t want […]

New Year… New You


One thing I love about the New Year is that I can kind of start over in a since. If things didn’t go so well in certain areas of my life the previous year, I feel like the New Year gives me a chance to improve in those areas. I usually make New Year’s Resolutions by making specific […]

Only got 20-30 minutes??

Or why not just wake up 20-30 minutes earlier?? This workout is killer! I was always iffy about trying it cause of the whole “Carrie Underwood’s leg workout” (You never know what to believe on the Internet!) But I don’t care whose it is… it’s good!!! I was hurting after the first round but I […]

Does not eating meat give you more energy??

I’ve had a few people ask me if I feel like I’ve had more energy from not eating meat the past two weeks. Well…. I can’t give you an honest answer with that. YES, I have more energy, but I’m not sure if its from not eating meat. I have been working a lot more […]

Keep Busy… Productively

During this awakening experience, I’ve had to come up with things to do besides sit around and watch reality T.V., get on facebook, or even let hours slip away on Pinterest. So, I’ve come up with a little list of things to do (things that don’t involve spending money)!!  Get organized! – There are so many […]

No one said it would be easy


Okay, so it’s Day 3 of Awakening! The no meat thing has been easy! The praying has been easy! BUT, I haven’t worked the past 3 days, so the no T.V. and no social networking thing can be a little difficult at times. (I’ve decided to make blogging an exception because it is for the good […]

Season of Awakening

Starting today, Jerrub and I are taking part in the Awakening that our church does at the beginning of every year. It is 21 days of prayer and fasting. There are all different kinds of fasting you can do. We have chosen to do no meat for 21 days. To help make it easier for […]

Show up with a positive attitude!

Do you ever have plans, work, or some kind of obligation that you really just don’t want to do or go to? Sometimes you may not even want to go on that dinner date with a friend because putting your pajamas on and cuddling up on the couch just seems more appealing. I’ve learned that […]