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Catching Up

Just in case you were wondering why I haven’t posted anything the last couple of days, it’s not because I gave up. But we went to TN to surprise Jerrub’s family for Thanksgiving! When we are there we spend most of our time outside, not on the computer and I rarely use my phone out […]

Day 19

I am thankful for the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and spread God’s love!   That’s right! I booked my flight tonight 🙂 I don’t go until March, but God is so good. I am so blessed that he opened my eyes to this opportunity. Of course a part of me was nervous and had […]

Day 18

I am thankful for forgiveness.   Today’s church service was about favor, fairness, and forgiveness. I quickly learned that people live with a “filter of fairness” point of view on the world. Basically meaning if someone does them wrong, they expect an apology or something in return. However, the only way to live free in […]

Day 17

I am thankful for cloudy and gloomy days like today.     Well, just sometimes! Today is just a good day after a long week and while Jerrub is golfing to be able to stay in my pajamas and clean my house, get some things done, and just relax, without feeling guilty because its so […]

Day 16

I am thankful for technology.     Honestly, this is something I think that EVERYONE takes advantage of each day. Especially, with a new I-phone or I-pad or whatever coming out like every other day. I’m not talking about all that fancy stuff and I do not like how people can’t live without their electronics. […]

Day 15

I am so thankful for Chi Omega.                 If I could have, I would have put 1209371927398729478124 pictures up! Looking through these makes me realize exactly how thankful I am for Chi Omega and all it has done for me. Being a part of such an amazing organization […]

Day 14

I am thankful for my In-Laws!       I am so blessed to have found a family who has always accepted me and made me feel like I am a part of their family. There is NEVER a dull moment when you get this group together and I love it!! It’s nice to have […]

Day 13

I am thankful for my past! I whole heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason. Im thankful for all the good and bad times in my past. It gave me the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them, to make memories, to figure out who I am and grow as a person, daughter, […]

Day 12


I am thankful for my dog, Kyndal!     I know shes a mess sometimes, just like any dog can be, but you just can’t help but love her! Shes super smart and so sweet. She constantly loves to play and run, but it keeps me active so I don’t mind. The 6 weeks I […]

Day 11

I am thankful for the little things.     There is not enough days in the month to name all of the little things in life that I am thankful for. So, I figured I would mention a few today: a phone call to catch up with a friend, the beautiful ocean view I get […]