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New Year’s Resolutions

I love goals and resolutions. So, needless to say, when it comes to writing out New Year’s Resolutions, I get pretty excited. Once again on January 1st, Jerrub and I sat down and wrote out all of our goals for the new year. (Plus it’s a fun time to spend with your spouse!) We actually […]

Five on Friday

Today I’m going to share 5 more things I’m loving right now. Really, when I start to think about it, all 5 things can fit under one category… FALL  So…. 5 things I love about Fall 1.) The leaves changing colors!! I know that sounds silly but seriously it is one of the prettiest sights […]


Encouraging someone gives them hope. Today I want to specifically talk about encouraging women in their marriages and at home. If someone comes up to you and starts talking bad about their husbands or  any difficult situation going on at home, jumping right in to talk negative and fueling the fire is only going to […]

Write your own book


Seriously though!   Every single person, no matter how well you know them or not, is at a different point in their life than you are. They have been through different ups and downs and struggle with different things. God made EVERYONE different, which means your story is going to be different too. If you find […]

Let Go for a Happier You

I came across this list and honestly could relate to almost every one of these things at some point in my life. Letting go of all these things gives you complete freedom to be yourself and to be happy! So this year in 2014.. learn to let go! Here are 20 things to let go […]


As I was at Jerrub’s softball game the other night, I couldn’t help but watch the way this woman was interacting with her children… or better yet, NOT interacting! Her 3 kids had to be between the ages of 2-7. They were full of excitement to be at the softball game watching their dad play […]

Homeless Bags

The other day when I was teaching a class we did a Mission Minded Monday activity! We made bags for the homeless. I liked it so much I came home and did it myself. I simply went to the dollar store and got some items that could be kept in the car like a water […]

Try Harder To Not Try So Hard

I was sitting in chapel the other day with my 3rd grade class and a worship song came on. Little kids’ hands started going up in the air with their eyes closed, and they were singing as loud as they could. They were so wrapped up in spending that moment with God that they didn’t care what […]

It’s a New Day

Everyday is a new day! Don’t dwell on the past or on things you can’t change. Make today great! If you keep filling your head with negative thoughts, that’s the way your life is going to turn out. Change your thoughts and you can change your life! Focus on the positive and becoming a better version of yourself. Others will […]

Continually Date Your Spouse


I’ll admit, I used to ALWAYS suprise Jerrub with little “happys” in college. I catch myself falling behind sometimes on doing sweet things for him. He never says anything, but I know how much something as little as leaving a note for someone can mean. So, I try to as much as I can to […]