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Stay Healthy through Halloween


Halloween is RIGHT around the corner…BUT there is no need to throw away all of your hard work over one night! So I’m gonna give you some tips on how to stay healthy during Halloween! 1. Don’t buy your favorite candy to hand out. You will be more tempted to eat it. I love when […]

21 days to make or break a habit

Did you know that it only takes 21 days to make or break a habit? Take the challenge! Pick a habit and promise yourself 21 days to change it… whether it’s making it or breaking it! Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1. Don’t try to change too many habits at […]

Free Clean Eating Challenge Group

I have not always been the smartest when it comes to eating clean. I would eat a salad thinking it was healthy, but load it with cheese, croutons, and dressing. I would eat a baked potato and chicken, but drown it in BBQ sauce. I would eat a Lean Cuisine  which was full of processed junk. […]

Fail to Plan… Plan to Fail


I’ve written about this before.. but that is only because I strongly believe in this! If you fail to plan to eat healthy, then you will eat bad… I say that from experience. Yes, it might take a little time to prepare… but it is so worth it. I know the picture below is a […]