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28, 29, & 30 Weeks

28 weeks

*28 Weeks* This pregnancy is just so funny to me because I haven’t even looked at my “What’s to Expect When You’re Expecting” app.  I didn’t even realize I was in the 3rd trimester until my doctor told me and most of my weekly pics are selfies taken in my gym clothes or pictures I find […]

26 & 27 Weeks

Rae J 1

*26 Weeks* *27 Weeks* Total Weight Gain: About 15 pounds. It feels good to be in the gym this pregnancy. I hope I can keep it up for 3 more months and I hope it helps in the long run. Maternity Clothes: It’s a mix at this point. Any pants and shorts I wear are […]

Weeks 24 & 25

24 weeks

*24 Weeks* *25 Weeks* 103 Days until the due date 1 Road trip to Memphis 2 Baby Showers (one for Layton and one for his cousin Tommy) 1 Trip to the Zoo 1 Road trip to Arkansas to visit Mamaw and Papaw 5 Family and Friend get-to-gethers 7 Sweaty Workouts 3 Nights woken up with a […]

Weeks 22 & 23…My Letter to Layton

22 weeks

Hey little man, This pregnancy is flying by and I am getting more and more excited to meet you! I already wonder so many things like will you be hyper and have curly hair like your sister? Or will you be my chill blonde bomber? I can’t wait to see what yours and Raelynn’s relationship is like! […]

Weeks 20 and 21

20 Weeks

20 Weeks 21 Weeks Random Thoughts of my pregnancy at this point: I was reading back on my blog when I was pregnant with Raelynn around this time and I have most of the same symptoms… tailbone pain, itchy belly, tossing and turning a lot at night, charlie horses, and heartburn. It’s nice to have […]

19 Weeks

19 week ultrasound

Well as most of you know, we are having a baby BOY!!!! His name is Layton Decker Hammrich. We have loved the name Layton for a boy since before we even got married… and now we are pumped we get to use it! Cause lets be honest, we were secretly rooting for a boy. We know […]

18 Weeks

18 weeks

*18 Weeks* How far along? 18 weeks… some days it feels like this pregnancy is flying by and some days it seems long already. Weight Gain: According to my scale, about 5 pounds so far. I’ll know for sure when I go to the doctor next week for our checkup! Maternity Clothes: The loose ones […]

One month of being a mommy: What I’ve learned

pic monkey

I thought I knew just about all there was when it came to babies and kids since I grew up working with them half of my life. Even when I heard mom’s talk about how exhausted they were and how they don’t have time for themselves, I would think to myself… “What do you mean? […]