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6 Years together

Jerrub laughs at me because I still celebrate our “dating anniversary”! But, I think it’s important to remember when it all began. It isn’t like we buy each other gifts or do anything crazy… Just another reason to say I love you and Happy Anniversary. And then laugh about how I was the one who […]

The Way to a Man’s Heart


Wanna know one of the ways to a man’s heart?    DONUTS   And if you want to throw a little sweet happy in there with it to make him smile… here is something I did for Jerrub…         Talk about a happy husband 🙂

Continually Date Your Spouse


I’ll admit, I used to ALWAYS suprise Jerrub with little “happys” in college. I catch myself falling behind sometimes on doing sweet things for him. He never says anything, but I know how much something as little as leaving a note for someone can mean. So, I try to as much as I can to […]

12 Hour Birthday


I forgot to show you the special birthday surprise I had for Jerrub this year!! He turned 26, so every hour on the 26th minute, he got a gift… 12 hours worth of gifts!! (There is another huge one in the background that I couldn’t fit in the picture.) It was such a fun day. […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Hope everyone is having a fabulous Valentine’s Day!! Jerrub said he never had a good Valentine’s Day before we met, so our first one we were going to spend together 5 years ago, he wasn’t too thrilled about. I told him I would let him see that Valentine’s Day can be fun and romantic without spending […]

3 Myths About Marriage

Myth # 1: “If I could just marry the right person, my marriage would be great.” The question you should be asking yourself is not did you marry the right person, but are you becoming the right person? God’s word tells us to become the type of person you are looking for and everything else will […]

Dinner and a Movie

When Jerrub and I first moved to Jacksonville and didn’t really know where anything was, google was my best friend. So, one evening we just wanted to go see a movie. When I was searching for movie theaters, I came across this one called San Marco Movie Theater and Grill. The neat thing about it […]

Day Date!!

Usually when you think about going on a date, you think of night time. Well yesterday, Jerrub and I were just kind of sitting around the house trying to figure out what we wanted to do and he asked if I wanted to go on a date at the park. We found a park near us and […]

Truly Inspirational

I encourage you to take a minute to watch this video. It brings you back to what love and marriage is truly about, and if God is at the center of your marriage, then you can’t ask for anything better! After watching this, I am so thankful for being healthy and happy and knowing God, […]