28, 29, & 30 Weeks

*28 Weeks*28 weeks

This pregnancy is just so funny to me because I haven’t even looked at my “What’s to Expect When You’re Expecting” app.  I didn’t even realize I was in the 3rd trimester until my doctor told me and most of my weekly pics are selfies taken in my gym clothes or pictures I find on my phone that just so happen to be taken during that week of pregnancy. I’m definitely more laid back this go around and it is FLYING by!!

We had our couples baby shower and like always, our friends and family never disappoint. We had a great time and just love being around those that enjoy celebrating our little man with us.

Couples Baby Shower

I got my DREAM car!!! It’s a 4 Runner! I guess new baby = new car?!?! haha I’m kidding. We weren’t really even looking. A good deal came up within the family and we couldn’t pass it up!

*29 Weeks*
29 weeks

Layton is doing great! He is already head down and heartbeat was 126 BPM at my 30 week checkup. He loves to move around and I enjoy every minute of it.

We are in the process of getting a nursery together. We’ve gone back and forth because I need my office and we need our guest bedroom so we didn’t know which one to “get rid of” in order to give little man a room. So we decided to combine them for the time being. I’m not gonna lie, my office is usually a mess, so this is going to be a challenge to stay organized and clean knowing that it’s not just my office anymore. But his nursery will be “rustic farm” theme and will hopefully start coming together soon!

We’ve had lots of dinner dates, play dates, mom groups, family in town, Sounds Game date night, dinner downtown date night, gym workouts, swimming in the indoor pool, playing on our new playset that a kind neighbor gave us. We are just enjoying life right now. I honestly have felt like I live on a permanent vacation for the past almost 5 years and am very grateful for that.

*30 Weeks*

30 weeks

We are looking forward to cousin/nephew Tommy being born, a week visit at the parent’s lake house, our 5 year Anniversary trip, Alex and Kerry’s wedding, and Boat Season!! There is lots going on to keep us busy….which is maybe why I haven’t posted in 3 weeks!


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