Weeks 22 & 23…My Letter to Layton

Hey little man,

This pregnancy is flying by and I am getting more and more excited to meet you! I already wonder so many things like will you be hyper and have curly hair like your sister? Or will you be my chill blonde bomber? I can’t wait to see what yours and Raelynn’s relationship is like! I try to explain to her that her little brother is in my belly but she ends up just pointing to her own belly.

You have such a good and fun Daddy! Y’all are going to have so many big laughs and fun times together. He is so happy to be having a little boy. He already talks about things y’all are going to do together as you get older. Your Daddy is a good man who puts his family first, works hard for us, and never stops loving. You are a lucky little boy to get to have him in your life.

I’ve already been praying over you daily. I sometimes get nervous thinking about my time management with two babies because I never want to leave one of you out. But I look forward to learning how to function as a family of 4 all together. I’m doing my best to take care of myself while you are in there and I promise nothing less when you make your appearance into this world.

We are so excited to be bringing a little boy into our family. God has answered so many prayers and is always faithful to us. We love you so much already. You’ve got lots of open arms and kisses waiting on you!!


*22 Weeks*22 weeks

*23 Weeks*23 weeks


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