19 Weeks

Well as most of you know, we are having a baby BOY!!!! His name is Layton Decker Hammrich. We have loved the name Layton for a boy since before we even got married… and now we are pumped we get to use it! Cause lets be honest, we were secretly rooting for a boy. We know how fortunate and lucky we are to have one of each now!

19 week ultrasound

19 week

We were able to do a quick announcement right after finding out the news before heading to the airport to get on a plane and head to Florida for the weekend.


announcement 2

We had such a great getaway this weekend. I always have some mom guilt when leaving Raelynn behind and getting away, but I always end up realizing how necessary and much needed it is once I go. It’s so important to continue to put your marriage first and take that time to reconnect. And of course, the picture below was the only one we captured the whole weekend… so hello official picture of Week 19!

19 weeks

We love you already Layton!!!!


Lovely comments

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    Clara says

    You two are so cute & precious!
    So happy you are going to have a boy, Layton. Love the name too.
    Yes, you do have to make time for each other and keep the flame lit.
    Glad you are close to family and can get away when knowing Raelynn is well cared for.
    Aunt Clara

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