18 Weeks

*18 Weeks*18 weeks

How far along? 18 weeks… some days it feels like this pregnancy is flying by and some days it seems long already.

Weight Gain: According to my scale, about 5 pounds so far. I’ll know for sure when I go to the doctor next week for our checkup!

Maternity Clothes: The loose ones for now. I was more of a tight shirt instead of flowy shirt pregnant girl last time, but I’m not quite there yet. But maternity pants are a must!

Stretch Marks: No!

Sleep: My child has been sleeping for like 12 hours a night this past week, which means this mama is getting GREAT sleep!

Best Moment of the Week: Mom’s Group! It was a crummy weather and sickness week which can just bring you down, and Mom’s Group is so refreshing and gives you that boost to make it through the rest of the week.

Movement: It’s so neat to feel movement already. I’ve been feeling it for a couple of weeks now. I guess because I know exactly what it feels like this time around, I’m feeling it way sooner than last pregnancy.

Miss Anything: Not really.

Food Craving: No cravings…thank goodness. It’s nice not having to fight off cravings this go around and makes it easier to stay consistent with eating healthy.

Queasy or Sick: Besides the crud that hit me for about a week and a half, I feel great. And luckily that’s gone and hopefully out of our household for good!

Gender: WE FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! stay tuned 🙂

Symptoms: Things seem to feel tighter sooner and ligaments more sore earlier this go around.

Belly Button In or Out: In!

Looking forward to: I was just telling Jerrub how much I’m looking forward to this week in general! We’ve got church and the zoo tomorrow, my parents come in town next week, Predators game one night, Mom’s Group is always a plus, finding out the sex of the baby, and then heading to Florida for a mini family vacay!!!


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