17 Weeks

I had a feeling that this would happen, just didn’t realize it would be so soon. I skipped week 16! To be fair, I was traveling to Memphis that day and it was quite a busy weekend. Also, baby brain (and bad math) has had me a little confused about the weeks I’m blogging about. I won’t go into my confusion. I’m just going to keep going with how I started doing it this go around.

Week 16 consisted of:

–Getting my energy back- but still afternoon napping-
-Mom’s Group starting back up-
-Working out- play dates- Cornerstone- Our new Church-
-Headaches- Ligament Pain-
-I swear I feel movement already-

Week 17
17 weeks
Loving: Mom’s Group and our new church… New Tribe!

Wondering: If you are a boy or girl

Enjoying: Visiting family and friends in Memphis

Struggling: With this congestion from this crazy weather

Eating: Pretty healthy but enjoying other food here and there…Finding Balance

Watching: Lots of Curious George and Barney

Thinking: How much life is going to change when you come into this world

Feeling: Anxious to find out what you are

Hoping: To continue to have a healthy and easy pregnancy


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