Baby #2…Coming July 2017

We are excited to announce that we are expecting Baby #2! We always knew we wanted our kids close in age, so here we are. We will have 2 under 2 for about a month or so. Are we ready? I don’t know if you can really ever be “ready” for a baby, especially two. But ready or not…here we go!!

*14 Weeks*
14 weeks

1st Trimester Recap:

Total Weight Gain: I haven’t gained any weight so far. I’ve been back in the gym consistently lifting weights (which I personally feel is the best thing to transform your body… but I could write a whole post on that another time). So I think I’m leveling out from gaining healthy baby weight, but losing body fat while gaining muscle.

Maternity Clothes: As of this past week…YES! It’s like my belly just pops over night and all of a sudden I can’t button my jeans anymore.

Stretch Marks: No! The Bio Oil is back in the house and being used daily.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping great. Of course I’m never a back sleeper and then all of a sudden when I get pregnant and I’m not supposed to, I wake up all the time on my back. I was SUPER tired during the day for basically the whole first trimester. It’s a lot different this go around chasing a one year old everywhere and not getting to nap when I want. But I pushed through and am thankfully starting to get my energy back.

Best Moment So Far: It would be a toss up between finding out we were pregnant or hearing the heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat always makes it feel more real and is such a neat experience. But we were pretty pumped to see the positive pregnancy test so quickly.

Miss Anything: I could use a good glass of wine some nights, but other than that not really.

Movement: Nothing yet. That was my favorite part about being pregnant with Raelynn so I’m excited to start feeling those little kicks and rolls again.

Food Cravings: Not too bad. At the beginning I could eat a whole jar of pickles in a day if you let me. And yes, I drink the pickle juice. I realized I should cut back when I was grocery shopping and looked down and saw three jars of different kinds of pickles in the cart. It’s kind of going away now anyways.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope. Besides being tired, I feel great this pregnancy.

Gender: I’m thinking it’s a boy just because I feel completely different than I felt when I was pregnant with Raelynn. To be honest, I’ll be shocked if they tell me it’s a girl.

Symptoms: Tired!

Belly Button In or Out: In

Wedding Rings On or Off: On for now. But I’m going to be pregnant in the heat of the summer (which strangely enough I actually prefer) and know that won’t last too long.

Happy or Moody: Happy but super emotional as in I have been crying over any and everything. I think it’s getting better though.

Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender. We aren’t going to find out early this time, so we still have about a month or so of the waiting game.


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