We have officially made it to Week 40!

39 weeks

Well it’s officially your due date Raelynn Jane, so any time you decide to make a presence into this world we are ready! We had our 40 week check up this morning and I’m still at 4 cm and about 95% effaced. They stripped my membrane once again, but I learned my lesson… don’t get your hopes up! It’s still just a waiting game at this point. Finishing out week 39 was a little tough. My calves, ankles, and feet are starting to swell the more I sit or stand. Raelynn is sitting on either a nerve or a ligament in my right side causing constant discomfort (kind of feels like a runner’s cramp mixed with someone pushing on your bruise). I’ve just been taking it easy for the most part and resting as much as I can. We did not schedule a date to be induced. We talked about it and decided that as long as she is healthy, we want her to come on her own. We did schedule an ultra sound for next week (if she hasn’t come yet) just to check things out and make sure she is okay. For now, we will patiently anxiously wait for her each day!

I will continue to enjoy people’s reactions out in public when they ask when I’m due…they drop their mouths and kind of back up like “Woah, is your water going to break on me?”
I will continue to enjoy your little movements and my pregnant belly while I can. (Yes, I’ve always been one to think pregnant bellies are adorable!)
I will continue to wonder what you are going to look like.
I will continue to think “This is it!” every time I feel something new and different.
I will continue to pray for you.

We can’t wait to meet you!!!!! We love you so much already!


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