Raelynn Jane: Weeks 36 & 37

36 weeks

* 36 Weeks *

37 weeks

* 37 Weeks *

“Baby Brain” has settled in!
Early labor pains are taking place.
Cramps in my right side.
3 cm Dilated and 50% effaced!
Daddy traveled to Arkansas and was praying every second
that he was gone for you to just stay put!
A couple cases of pregnancy insomnia.
You have dropped down into place… aka…
I wake up 3-4 times a night to pee.
We have enjoyed some good times with family and friends!
Counting down the days!
I’ve been giving in to more cravings… guilty!
Getting pretty uncomfortable.
Still trying to take walks and exercise.
Still need to fill out parts of your baby book.
Naps are a necessity and I don’t feel guilty about those.
Curious about what you will look like, especially your hair!
Bets are starting to come in about your due date.
We are SO ready to meet you little girl!!!!!


Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Dorothy Skipper says

    You look so beautiful! When are you due? Ms Dyer and I will be praying for your labor, delivery, and your sweet baby girl. Wish we were closer so,we could give you a hug.

    • 2

      Kellye says

      The due date is September 4th… but it could be any day now! Thank you for the prayers. I’m not lying when I say I will bring her to meet my Providence family one day in the near future! Love you and send Ms. Dyer my love as well!

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