Baby Hammrich: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks

*35 Weeks*

Anxious. Constant movement. Organizing. Packing.
Putting together baby items <<< Entertaining! Tired. Shopping. Preparing.
Laundry. Time is Creeping. Hot days of summer. Pregnancy insomnia. Excitement.
You think my ribs are a jungle gym.
Mommy traveled to Memphis. Daddy traveled to Vegas.
Heartburn. Head down. Emotional. Praying. Nesting. Cleaning.
Meeting baby Lennox. Craving sweets. Family Cookout. Trying to breathe. Waddling.
Ready to meet YOU!!!!


Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Dorothy Skipper says

    You look so beautiful! You are going to be wonderful parents. Praying for the arrival of your sweet girl. Keep us posted! We have returned for replanting, and students return next week on Wednesday. I am teaching 4th grade this year. It is going to be quite an adventure! Miss you bunches!

  2. 2

    jane gaskin says

    I cant wait to meet my
    granddaughter I will try my best not to spoil her but my grand dogs are so spoiled so I am figuring Raelynn will be spoiled rottenI.I am sorry I cant help it

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