38 Weeks (plus a sneak peak into week 39)

38 weeks

thirty eight weeks

* 38 Weeks *

~ 3 cm Dilated and 80% effaced

~ Enjoyed some time at your (very soon to be) Aunt Samantha’s Wedding Shower

~ Celebrated (Aunt) Kelsey’s Birthday with some friends

~ My feet were so swollen after a weekend of celebrations that I felt like the Nutty Professor

~ Your daddy had to make a quick trip to Mississippi and was a nervous wreck to leave me. He told me to either sit on the couch with my legs crossed the whole time or come with him for the night. So I went! That was definitely the last little trip he is taking before you come.

~ We are now starting to count down by DAYS instead of weeks!

~ I joined a MOPS group and went to a Sisterhood of Motherhood group and really enjoyed both. I look forward to getting to know the women and have something to be a part of with people who can relate to me as a mommy.

~ As a little update… my belly button stayed in. BUT when I breathed out real hard, it poked out. I was pretty amused and showed your dad my little trick right away.

~ During my 38th week of pregnancy, the weather was absolutely amazing! We took Kyndal on a walk every morning (I was secretly trying to walk you out!). It felt like Fall time and made me that much more excited for the months to come.


I thought I would do an update on where we are today in case I don’t make it all the way to week 40! I am currently 39 weeks and 2 days. I am at about 4 cm dilated and 95% effaced. The doctor stripped my membrane yesterday in hopes of speeding up the delivery. This anticipation is killing me. I’m trying to stay busy so that I don’t think about it every second of the day. My biggest concern is getting my mom and dad here in time (but not too early). I’m trusting that God is going to bring you into this world in his perfect timing, that we have a smooth delivery, and you and I both are healthy! We love you Raelynn Jane and can’t wait to meet you!!!


Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Kayla Keathley says

    Praying for you guys!! Such an exciting week ahead. I cannot begin to describe the emotions you will feel when she is finally here! I’m so excited and happy for yall! Love you! ❤️

    • 2

      Kellye says

      Thank you so much! It feels like Christmas Eve/First day of school x 1000000000!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Love you!!!!

  2. 3

    Peige says

    Eeek! It’s almost time! Enjoy every moment because trust me it really will
    Fly by! Paisley Mae turned four today and it’s still so unreal! Motherhood is the best and Jerrub and you will be ahhhhmazing parents! Love Ya girlie and can’t wait to see pictures of that precious angel!

    • 4

      Kellye says

      I can not believe she is 4!! She is still just as precious since the day you brought her home. And thank you love! I can’t wait to see Mr. Jerrub as a Daddy! 😉 We love and miss you!

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