Our Prayer for Raelynn

30 Weeks

*30 Weeks*

31 Weeks

*31 Weeks*

Dear Lord,

We thank you for this precious gift that you have given us and ask that you show us how to be the best parents we can be. I pray for her health and safety for the duration of the pregnancy and after she is brought into this world. Fill our little girl’s heart with love for you. Guide us to train her up in the ways of the Lord and give us the wisdom to teach her Biblical values that remain in her heart. Let her walk in the security of your love and find her confidence and self worth in you alone, God. I pray that she grows to be an honest, faithful, loving, respectful, compassionate, kind woman full of joy and laughter that has a heart for you. Help us as parents to be good role models for our daughter. Give us the strength and the wisdom to train her in the way she should go. Difficult times will come and we will face our challenges, but I pray that we always turn to you during our struggles. Give us patience and help us to be an example of Your love and forgiveness. Thank you again so much for trusting us to raise your daughter and lead us to be the parents you intended for us to be. We love you.




Lovely comments

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    Julie says

    Beautiful prayer for her book! 🙂
    I went back and read ours and cried! You will be a great momma!

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