Baby Hammrich: 32 Weeks

32 Weeks

*32 Weeks*

Total Weight Gain: 22 Pounds- My goal the whole time has been to stay under 35 pounds by the end of the pregnancy…I’m on track if I can keep it up!

Maternity Clothes: Haven’t bought any new ones. Just working with what I have. I had my first day of feeling blah, not being able to find anything to wear to a wedding the other day. It was a mistake to try on my normal dresses (short and long) because they were a big No-No! I ended up sticking with the one maternity dress I had bought at the beginning!

Stretch Marks: None yet! My belly and boobs are getting really itchy which just means they are growing! Trying my best to rub lotion or oil on them instead of scratching.

Sleep: I’ve had a couple of nights of “pregnancy insomnia.” I woke up around 3-4 and just stayed awake. I had some breakfast and coffee and enjoyed the sunrise…with a nap later in the day! Other nights I sleep great as long as I have a pillow on both sides of me. I only wake up one time to go pee!

Miss Anything: The easy days of pregnancy. It’s definitely starting to get more difficult as time goes on, the belly gets bigger, and the days get hotter.

Movement: All the time! And I love every minute of it! The movement I’m feeling now is more rolls and wiggling, rather than little kicks and jabs.

Food Cravings: Still sweets! Two days ago was a Reese Cup Blizzard and last night was brownies. But NO, I did not give in to either!

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!

Symptoms: Heartburn like crazy. If the old wives tale is true where they say “If you have heartburn, then your baby will have a full head of hair,” then she better come out like Rapunzel! Other than that, just typical pregnancy aches and pains, especially after standing for a long amount of time.

Belly Button In or Out: In!

Wedding Ring On or Off: On, but it’s about to come off. My fingers are basically staying swollen lately with all this heat.

Happy or Moody: A bit of both!

Looking forward to: The couple’s shower this weekend!!



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