29 Weeks

29 weeks

*29 Weeks*

This has been one fun week. We had our first baby shower in Memphis hosted by my family. It was so great that I just kept saying “I want to do it all over again!” We got so many great things. I honestly don’t think I have to return a thing, which is nice. I also did the “bring a book instead of a card” and I’m so glad I did. We received so many sweet books, and no duplicates surprisingly! Jerrub has actually started reading a book to Raelynn every night. It’s a special and fun time for us.

unnamed (9)

The bags with her name spelled out was a fun game. There was a baby object in each bag that started with the letter on the bag. Everyone passed around the bags to feel them and guess what was in it. It was pretty entertaining to hear what some people came up with compared to what it actually was.

unnamed (8)

And these were the adorable ice buckets I made as a hostess gift. Not to toot my own horn, but they turned out so good that I wanted one for myself!

Jerrub also experienced his first (somewhat) Father’s Day this week. So I put together a little happy “Pops” basket for him.

unnamed (7)

-Compared to being so tired last week, I have had the energy of a super hero this week. I’ve knocked out so many projects around the house. Maybe it’s the nesting kicking in.

-The only issue I had this week was that Raelynn was sitting right on my sciatic nerve for a couple days, which sent a sharp, shooting pain into my lower back and butt. I’m just glad she has found a different position.

-Now we are just counting down the weeks until she is here!!! Only 10 left!


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