22 Weeks… Letter to Raelynn

22 weeks

*22 Weeks*

Dear Raelynn,

I never knew I could love somebody so much that I haven’t even met yet. Feeling your flutters and kicks lately is by far the best feeling (since they don’t hurt yet). I get a smile on my face every single time. It seems like whenever I try to get someone else to feel, you decide to be stubborn and stop.¬†You did actually let your uncle Jake feel for the first time this weekend though! Your daddy is working hard to make sure we can have everything we could ever want or need. You are so special to him and he can’t wait to be home and enjoy this experience with me. You are blessed to have him as your daddy. He will make such a good one.

Your nursery is coming together. It’s going to be adorable. I couldn’t do this without your Grammy and Pops. They are amazing and you are already spoiled by them! I catch Pops saying things such as “I can’t wait till Raelynn is old enough to ride the tube on the lake!” and Grammy is already practicing the phrase “Don’t tell your mommy!” My friends… aka… your many aunts, already love you too. We have been blessed by aunt Heather with basically a whole wardrobe! I never knew I could say the word “cute” so many times about little girls clothes.

Your mommy and daddy love you so much and can’t wait to meet you! I will continue to take care of myself, pray for you, and practice being the best mom I can be.



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