Sleep & weight loss

How much sleep are you getting each night?

Enough sleep helps your body to perform at it’s best all day long.

I try and get 8 hours of beauty sleep a night. Not only does my skin thank me, but so does my family. Being sleep-deprived makes me look old and makes me crabby! #RFSkintervention

When you deprive yourself and your body of sleep, you are running on low energy and are more likely to reach for comfort food when hungry during the day. Also, when you aren’t getting enough or good quality of sleep, you are more likely to make excuses not to exercise or go to the gym.

It’s not so much that if you sleep you will loose weight, but if you are sleep deprived, your metabolism will not function properly.

Exactly how lack of sleep affects our ability to lose weight has a lot to do with our nightly hormones, explains Breus.

The two hormones that are key in this process are ghrelin and leptin. “Ghrelin is the ‘go’ hormone that tells you when to eat, and when you are sleep-deprived, you have more ghrelin,” Breus says. “Leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating, and when you are sleep deprived, you have less leptin.”

 More ghrelin plus less leptin equals weight gain.

“You are eating more, plus your metabolism is slower when you are sleep-deprived,” Breus says.

10 Reasons to Get 8 Hours of Sleep Tonight - There are a million benefits to getting a good night’s rest—here are the ones you should care about.

Some tips to get more sleep:

  • The obvious… go to bed at a decent hour. Stop staying up watching T.V. until 12 at night! 
  • Don’t drink caffeine later in the afternoon.
  • Eat a lighter, healthier dinner. 
  • Don’t exercise right before bed. For some people, this doesn’t effect them either way, but for others, working out at night wakes them up more and it is harder for them to fall asleep.sig

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