October Goals

Wake up at 6:00 every day during the week. I (luckily) haven’t had to physically go to work since we’ve been back in TN. I’ve become a coach recently, as some of you may know, and I love working the business. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I have had this passion and desire lately to chase dreams that I know can one day come true if I just put the work in. And I know that while I’m sleeping in, others are putting work in to reach their goals and dreams. So it’s time that I do the same.

Workout, drink more water, & eat healthy. I always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With how busy we’ve been lately, I’ve been doing it more when it’s convenient instead of making it a priority. I’m ready to get back in a routine of things and put my healthy lifestyle back at the top of my list!

Date my husband. Once again, because of the move and how busy we have been, we’ve been putting the house and activities with family and friends before ourselves. We’ve talked about it and we both know that it’s time to put things on hold and start dating again! Because you can have the nicest house, car, boat, whatever… but if you don’t have that relationship with your spouse… you have nothing.

Single Subject Scheduling. This is something that I learned about recently that I really need to start implementing in my life. I’m good about making to-do-lists, but when I start something on the list, I easily get distracted and caught up in something else. I’m a scatter brain and it’s time to focus in on each thing that I’m doing at that time. That’s what Single Subject Scheduling is all about.

It’s always good to set yourself goals, whether it be for the day, week, month, or year. It’s even better to share those goals with others so that you have someone to hold you accountable! I’d love to hear what your goals are in the comment section below.


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