My 1st of many link ups

Alright… I’m giving this a shot because I always enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs when they are doing “link ups” and I think it’s time I start getting involved 🙂 I might even be a day late BUT today I’m linking up with Jenna & Anne to share with you a few things that are currently going on in my life! So here goes…


:: WRITING- For a while there,  I took a break from blogging. Not just because I was having a writer’s block…but because of the move and the changes that were being made to my blog. I have to say though, the break was what I needed. I feel fresh, rejuvenated, and have been enjoying jumping on here and sharing my thoughts a lot more now!

::ANTICIPATING- Oh boy, am I ever anticipating the remodeling and construction in our house to get done. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fun process and I love to see the changes that are being made. But, living out of a suit case and throwing flip flops on when I get out of a shower makes me feel like I’m at camp again. I look forward to at least our bedroom getting done and being able to set everything up while we continue to work on the rest of the house! (Before and After pictures to come!!)

::WEARING- HA! I’ve been in gym shorts, cut off t-shirts, sports bra, socks, and tennis shoes for about a month now. It gets hot working on a house every day… especially at the beginning stages when we didn’t have the AC turned on yet! I’m not complaining, it’s pretty nice to just throw on a t-shirt and shorts everyday…However, I  have to admit, I actually look forward to getting dressed up to go out one of these days in the near future!

::CRAVING- Honestly, I’m craving healthy, home-cooked meals. Along with living out of a suit case, we have also been living with a mini fridge and minimal food supplies. We have had to go out to eat a lot and have had lots of sandwiches! I’m ready to get organized, start meal planning, and get to cooking again!

::MISSING- As much as I enjoy being back home in TN, I’m kind of missing Florida. Our house, my school, the beach, our church, and just our life together in general there. It was definitely 3 of the best years of my life! I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I think next time we go on a Florida vacation, it will be back to Jacksonville instead of Destin or Panama.

What’s going on in your life? What are you writing, anticipating, wearing, craving, & missing?? I’d love to hear from you!!


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