Five on Friday

Today I’m going to share 5 more things I’m loving right now.

Really, when I start to think about it, all 5 things can fit under one category…


So…. 5 things I love about Fall

1.) The leaves changing colors!! I know that sounds silly but seriously it is one of the prettiest sights to me. In Florida, we didn’t get that. You know how they say you take for granted things you are around all the time… that’s the case here. I couldn’t wait to drive through the mountains of TN in the Fall again! And I’m so happy I get to enjoy that this year!

2.) Football…aka… A reason to throw a party and get together with a bunch of friends and family. I love get-togethers and I feel like they happen more often in the Fall.

3.) Fall Decorations. Pumpkins, mums, hay bails, corn, burlap, owls (the chi omega in me)… There is just something about  Fall decorations that seem so cozy. I love decorating my mantle with Fall stuff more than Christmas stuff.. is that bad?!?

4.) Thanksgiving!! Once again, a reason to get together with family! And eat really good food. We have a huge family and there is never a dull moment when we are all together. We are actually gong away this year for Thanksgiving to a cabin in the mountains with about 20 of us…It ought to be interesting. Oh.. can I add going to cabins in the Fall to my list 🙂 Seriously though… nothing like it!


5.) The weather… possibly my favorite thing about Fall. And the clothes that come along with it…skinny jeans, boots, leggings, scarves, hoodies! AHHH what’s not to love!

I’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite things about Fall?


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