Everything Happens for a reason

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Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good…it doesn’t say all things are good. Meaning not everything in life is going to be good and make you happy, but God knows what He is doing and we just have to trust Him. This verse reminds me of the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. That phrase has helped me get through a lot of difficult times the same way that this verse can.

If we continue to trust and believe in God, then it will be easier to trust this verse and stay calm in the midst of a storm. We might not be happy about the hiccup in our plans or the difficult situation that comes our way, but we will know that all things work together for good…or that everything happens for a reason! And it’s God’s goodness and God’s reason so we just have to trust that.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for opening my eyes and heart to this verse today and really allowing me to relate to it. I’m so grateful that you constantly look out for us and allow some of our tough times to lead us to something better, whether we may understand at the time or not. Help me to trust you and this verse at all times.

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