Stay calm & carry on

What a crazy day!!!!

I started off the day so pumped and ready to tackle everything I had going on. I woke up early, did my quiet time, and then worked out with T25! And then…. I get in a wreck 🙁 Not a bad one… just a little dinker. And yes, it was my fault.

I could see the woman yelling before she even got out of the car and then she proceeded to say “DID YOU KNOW YOU JUST HIT ME!!! DID YOU NOT SEE ME COMING?” I wanted to say… “No, I wasn’t aware I hit you, and yes I did see you coming which is why I pulled out!” haha kidding… but honestly, I took a deep breath before I got out of the car and just stayed calm. She was super angry at first, but quickly realized how calm and nice I was being no matter what she was saying, and she started to change her attitude.

It pays off to bite your tongue and stay calm, even when you just want to lash out. I mean, shouldn’t I have been the one upset anyways since I was going to have to pay for any damage?? Instead, I treated her with kindness and respect and in return (after about 5 minutes) received the same from her. She even gave me a hug bye!!

If you feel like you’re about to lose your cool… take a deep breath and be the bigger person! It is well worth it and turns a bad situation into a better situation.



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