Five on Friday

I wanted to give ya’ll a little Five on Friday action! I just want to share 5 things that I’m really loving right now! If you follow me on Instagram, you might already have an idea of what they might be 🙂

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1. Sound Machine: I literally can’t sleep without my sound machine. I personally like the “white noise” sound. I even pack it with me any time that I go anywhere away for the night.  I think I got it at either Walmart or Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $20 or less.

2. Being back in TN: As much as I enjoyed living in Florida, there is nothing like being back home in TN. I can’t get over the joy of simply driving through the country and feeling like you’re away from the “real world”. We get to have bon fires again. And nothing beats spending time with family and friends more often.

3. Nail Polish: And not even the expensive stuff… I stick with the $1.99 Sinful Colors mostly. I probably paint my nails at least once a week. I couldn’t tell you the last time my nails weren’t painted. The color changes with my mood I guess!

4. Journals: I LOVE writing!! Whether it’s lists, notes, thoughts, prayers, ideas, meal plans, etc., I just love to write. I probably have a little bit of an obsession with it. Maybe it’s a good thing I have a blog where I can come to pour out my thoughts.

5. The Compound Effect: I’ve always heard how good it was for you to read Personal Development books. I never understood why until I started reading this book. It has made me want to become the best me I can be. It has made me realize that it’s not impossible to set higher goals and chase after them. I don’t just want to “live” anymore… I want to thrive, and this book keeps me in the right state of mind to do that!

Happy Friday  🙂


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