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Have you ever been too embarrassed or scared to share a rough situation you’ve been through, even to a close friend or family member? Have you ever thought that maybe they need to hear your story in order to help them through a rough situation they might be going through?

If you allow Him to, God brings us comfort in times of trials and troubles. He is a main reason that I’ve made it through a lot of tough times that I’ve had. I’ve gained the courage lately to share my times of trouble with other people, which I’ve learned, brings them peace when they need it most. And then, they are able to experience God’s comfort and make it through difficult situations as well.

Imagine if we all did that… Got out of our comfort zones and used our struggles to help others. All we have to do is share with others how God met us at a dark place and gave us the peace and strength to get through it!!! If we all could be brave enough, we could be helping people without even realizing it!


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