Don’t Stop at 6

Put that old Bible to use and read Joshua chapter 6!

To summarize it… God asked Joshua to lead his army around the city of Jericho, which was surrounded with huge walls. God told him that he was to walk around the city once each day for 6 days in a row. But on day 7, walk around the city 7 times. On day 7 the city walls would fall down and the city would be given into Joshua’s hands.

Jerrub and I sometimes like to watch sermons online from our old church in Charlotte, NC. And what a great message this past Sunday! If you want to see the full thing, here is the link:

Joshua did not let his soldiers know that on day 7 the city would be theirs. Can you imagine just circling a city each day and nothing happening and not knowing how long you would have to do this for? On top of that, Joshua didn’t see anything happening either for those first 6 days. He was putting full faith into God’s words. But I still can’t imagine the courage it would take to keep going each day without seeing any kind of progress.
Then I learned, maybe sometimes God doesn’t want you to know your faith is working because he is still working in you. He wants you to be less focused on the outcome and more focused on obedience.
Obedience= Our Responsibility
Outcome= God’s responsibility
If the moment you prayed and it came true, you would pray all the time. But God needs to know, if it doesn’t come true, will you keep praying?
Life doesn’t tell you how many more days, or months, or years it will take to overcome a battle you are facing or a difficult situation. You might wonder how much longer do I have to stay single? How much more will it take to shed these pounds off? How many times do I have to forgive this person before they stop lying and hurting me? How many more sacrifices do I have to make?
In Nascar, they count down your laps for you, so you know exactly how much longer you have in the race. They even wave a white flag to let you know you are on your last lap. But life doesn’t wave a white flag, so we wave ours, giving up, even though we have come so far, without knowing that our victory is right around the corner!
Don’t let people talk you out of what you’ve come so far working on and don’t let your emotions take over. It is in the “walking around the walls” in your own strength even though nothing is happening where the work is taking place. God needs you to know once you get inside your promise, who brought you there! You don’t have to understand it to do it, or even like it to do it. God just needs to prepare you for what he has prepared for you!
So don’t stop at 6!!!!!!
“Be confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day when Jesus Christ returns.” -Philippians 1:6

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