As I was at Jerrub’s softball game the other night, I couldn’t help but watch the way this woman was interacting with her children… or better yet, NOT interacting! Her 3 kids had to be between the ages of 2-7. They were full of excitement to be at the softball game watching their dad play and catch foul balls. They were full of questions like most kids are, but majority of the time, the mom was on her phone playing candy crush not paying a lick of attention to them. I don’t have kids yet so I can’t say I completely understand… and maybe she was using this as her break away from all of her “mom responsibilities.” But I just pray that one day I will be an involved mother who pays attention to her kids and enjoys their excitement with them.
I also noticed while at the game, a girl brought her friend with her to watch her boyfriend play. But what was that girl doing most of the time? On her phone scrolling through Pinterest! How boring for that friend to be there with her!
We go out to dinner and see families at the table ALL on some type of electronic device. It is like parents give their kids electronics to keep them entertained instead of enjoying life with them.
We are so distracted these days by our phones, computers, etc. because we think we are going to miss out on something going on in the world, when really we are missing out on some of the best memories with the ones we love and who love us in return. I guarantee you that half of the people you waste your time keeping up with won’t be the ones there for you when you need a good laugh, a hug, or even just a comforting conversation.
I’m not saying all social media and electronic use is wrong. Clearly I couldn’t write my blog without it, and I do love me some Pinterest, but you’ve got to get your priorities straight. Jerrub and I have started leaving our phones in the car when we go out on dates. Lately, we’ve also practiced putting them away in the bedroom once we get home from work so that we can enjoy time together. When you are out with a group of friends, put your phone away and enjoy your time with them. Don’t be so distracted with other people’s lives that you miss out on making your own memories.

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