Fail to Plan… Plan to Fail

I’ve written about this before.. but that is only because I strongly believe in this! If you fail to plan to eat healthy, then you will eat bad… I say that from experience. Yes, it might take a little time to prepare… but it is so worth it. I know the picture below is a little blurry, but its basically what our kitchen looks like almost every Sunday. We grill out chicken and turkey burgers. We peel and boil  sweet potatoes and mash them. We cook a bag of frozen broccoli. Open a can or 2 of green beans. Boil some eggs to have on hand. Chop up some salad and add other vegetables to it. THEN…. fill the Tupperware as we please! This gives us plenty of different options for each day so that we don’t get bored with lunch. It allows us to save time throughout the week and make a healthier choice by simply grabbing our Tupperware as we walk out the door!

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