Try Harder To Not Try So Hard

I was sitting in chapel the other day with my 3rd grade class and a worship song came on. Little kids’ hands started going up in the air with their eyes closed, and they were singing as loud as they could. They were so wrapped up in spending that moment with God that they didn’t care what anybody else thought. Why can’t we be more like that everyday? HE will be the one we have to answer to at the end of our journey anyways… not anybody here on this Earth that we spend so much of our time trying to impress.  
Why so often do we let ourselves worry about what others think about us? “Our flesh seeks the approval of others, is swayed by Satan’s voice of condemnation, and looks for the comfortable way out. While Jesus is on the other side of those doubts, comparisons, needs to feel accepted, and fears of being rejected. He is waiting for you with open arms just the way you are. He did “know you before you were in your mother’s womb” – Jeremiah 1:5 and you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” -Psalm 139:14. When you constantly live in worry, comparison, or negative thinking, you are turning your focus off of God and onto yourself. Think about all you are missing out on. God will never disappoint you. It is up to you to chose who you are going to worship… will it be the opinions of others or the creator Himself who made us just the way we are?”
 Try for just one day, no matter where you go, to not care what others think about you. Try not to do things to impress others, but rather humble yourself, enjoy your life, and be satisfied with the only opion that matters about you- HIS.

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