Make it a lifestyle

I’ve been wondering how I can eat tuna fish without the mayo or the bread to cut back on the fat, calories, and carbs. And well my friends, this simple recipe was a success!! I mixed some salsa, green bell pepper, black pepper, and a little bit of pickle relish with with the tuna and put it over a handful of spinach. Different but delicious! Its perfect for lunch or for one of your small meals that you should eat throughout the day.

I’ve been trying lately to make it a lifestyle to eat healthy. I’m done with all those diets, depriving myself, not being able to cook fun meals (which I love), and the boring chicken and green beans every night. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Just take the time to find healthy and clean meals and try new things out. It’s easier to keep it up if you make it a lifestyle!
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