Continually Date Your Spouse

I’ll admit, I used to ALWAYS suprise Jerrub with little “happys” in college. I catch myself falling behind sometimes on doing sweet things for him. He never says anything, but I know how much something as little as leaving a note for someone can mean. So, I try to as much as I can to think of the next sweet, creative, or fun thing I can do for him.

Don’t get caught up in your routine each day. Don’t lose the spark. I understand sometimes life gets busy and its going to take a little work to keep the love alive. But do it! You fell in love and got married for a reason. Don’t stop doing those sweet and suprising things for your husband just because life gets in the way or because you feel like thats only for people who date. You know how much you enjoy the little things…well he does too!

Sometimes we feel like the couch is much more appealing then going out, even when something fun is going on in town. But we remind each other that we need to do new things together so we don’t get bored with our routine. And we ALWAYS end up having a good time. To give you an idea, here are some things we do together:

 At home date night
He leaves me notes almost every day and I save
them and put them in this notebook!
Its almost full 🙂
We go to baseball games!
Build forts in the living room and make Bucket Lists!
Travel to nearby cities.
Went to St. Augustine a couple of times, one time for
a concert and another for a BBQ and
Blues Festival. 
Set up games in the back yard
and enjoy a beautiful day.

We write each other messages on the

mirrors all the time!
Some other things we do are go to the park, go on hikes, go to the beach, bike rides, workout together, go on runs, go golfing, wash cars that end in a water hose fight and the list goes on!  
Don’t let your relationship become too comfortable. Laugh, play, suprise each other, buy little gifts for no reason, take them on a date…fall in love all over again! Get the spark back that made you fall in love in the first place!
If you need some more ideas, I suggest going to
They always have new and fun things to do with your spouse!



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