Hello blog world..I’m still here

I know, I know…. It has been a week since I have written anything! I have been working everyday and getting ready for company for the weekend so I’ve been crazy busy. Jerrub and I also started getting up at 4:30 in the morning and getting to the gym by 5:00. I know it sounds crazy early, but we are morning people and we have been loving it! Plus we get more time together at home after work now.

Oh and last night I threw some porkchops into the crockpot with a packet of ranch seasoning mix, a packet of brown gravy mix, and a can of cream of mushroom, and a little bit of water! Serve with with some brown rice and it is delicious 🙂

This post just seems like a bunch of stuff thrown together.. and well, it kind of is.. but here is a little inspiration for your weekend!!

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