Upper Body Circuit

Jerrub and I have been trying something new the past couple of days. He is getting up and going to the gym at 5:00 in the morning before work, and I am going to the gym/ doing things at home whenever I have time throughout the day. We are trying this for a few reasons. One, it gives us more time at night to just hang out. Two, the gym has been slammed pack at the time we usually go at night. and Three, we don’t usually get to go till around 6:30 so we aren’t getting home and eating dinner till almost 8:00 every night. I was getting dressed and ready to go to the gym today and I thought to myself that I don’t really feel like doing the same old boring things there. So, I decided to makeup my own circuit. I wanted it to be about 30-45 minutes long to really get a good workout. The following is what I came up with!! If you don’t know what any of the exercises are, you can find them by going to youtube and typing in (for example) “Hand walk exercise” and it will come up with a video to show you! Also, I used light hand weights when I did these exercises.
Then I finished up with one round of this quick Ab workout…
Penguin taps – 20 reps each side
Standing oblique crunch – 20 reps each side
Pike crunch – 20 reps each side
(this link shows you how to do them)
And after, I made myself a protein shake using my favorite vanilla protein, because not only does it taste good, but it also has 30 g of protein in one scoop, compared to 15-20 g that most protein has!

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