Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Valentine’s Day!! Jerrub said he never had a good Valentine’s Day before we met, so our first one we were going to spend together 5 years ago, he wasn’t too thrilled about. I told him I would let him see that Valentine’s Day can be fun and romantic without spending a lot of money or buying gifts, flowers, and chocolates. So I made it special for him and since then he actually enjoys Valentine’s Day. However, we still don’t make it about gifts or anything like that. We actually also started a tradition a couple years ago to celebrate it the day before Valentine’s Day so that we could miss the rush if we wanted to go out to eat or anything. So last night we did just that. We went to dinner and a movie and had a great night! He was sweet enough to surprise me with a gift certificate for a mani/pedi and a card that explains us perfectly…

And since I have been working every day lately, I didn’t have much time to plan anything special. I put too much time into his birthday festivities that were last weekend. So I did what any teacher would do… I used what I had 🙂 and made him a special homemade card!

Here is a cute, little idea that I’m sure you have seen if you have been on Pinterest. I did this about a year ago. It was fun to make and Jerrub enjoyed it! I don’t think I did it for Valentine’s Day but just for a  little happy. But if anyone needs a last minute gift, run to the dollar store, get a deck of cards, and write 52 reasons why you love your spouse!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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