Day 16

I am thankful for technology.
Honestly, this is something I think that EVERYONE takes advantage of each day. Especially, with a new I-phone or I-pad or whatever coming out like every other day. I’m not talking about all that fancy stuff and I do not like how people can’t live without their electronics. I am just simply talking about the phone, so that I can pick it up and call or text someone that I don’t get to see every day or that often because of us living so far away. Or the Internet, for facebook to keep in touch with people, or my blog to be able to share my stories and inspire people, even google when I just can’t seem to come up with the right answer or need to look up the weather to know what to pack when I’m going out of town, and of course for Pinterest to save me from boredom on those really long days off and to spark my creativity 🙂 Technology really is a big part of our everyday lives that I don’t see how people would live without these days. 

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