Dinner and a Movie

When Jerrub and I first moved to Jacksonville and didn’t really know where anything was, google was my best friend. So, one evening we just wanted to go see a movie. When I was searching for movie theaters, I came across this one called San Marco Movie Theater and Grill. The neat thing about it was that it was actually a movie theater that served dinner, beer, and wine inside of where your showing took place. We both wanted to try it out and are so glad we did because we had a blast. It was such a neat little place with a very laid back atmosphere.

 For all my Memphis friends, rumor has it that there is something like this there! Definitely go try it out, cause if it’s anything like our’s here, you will have a good time.
Funny little story is that last time we went, we were going to see Batman and got interviewed for Jacksonville News. Next mornnig we woke up and turned on the tv and first thing we saw was us on the news haha! 🙂

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