Take advantage of what you have

I had three of my good girlfriends come and visit me about 2 weeks ago for their spring break. I noticed while they were here that they would sit outside on our patio alot, whether it be to drink their morning coffee, to eat, or just to sit around and talk. They also pointed out things such as how many people run and walk outside cause its so nice here. And of course, they loved being on the beach. But like every fun trip, it ended fast and the girls left and were already texting me the next day saying “I wish I was there to drink coffee on the patio with you or go to the beach with you.” After they left, I realized those are all things me and Jerrub did right when we moved here. It was all new and exciting to us, so we took advantage of everything. As Florida started to become our home, we got more into a routine and always said things such as”oh, lets just go to the beach next weekend.” We realized all of these things are always going to be here. But, then it hit me that Jerrub and I probably aren’t going to be here forever. Truthfully, we are only suppose to be here another year and a half until our next move. So, since the girls have left, I have taken advantage of things more often. I have been going on more runs, (in fact, in the middle of writing this blog, I went to let my dog out and noticed how nice it was and just went on a run haha). I have been eating my breakfast, drinking coffee, and doing my devotional outside every morning. And this weekend is going to be sunny and in the 80’s, so you better believe we are going to the beach 🙂 I know you may not live in a place like Florida, but still..Take advantage of what you have while you have it!!!

Breathe, Let go, and remind yourself
that this very moment is the
only one you have for sure!
 -Oprah Winfrey

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