My first go in the “blog world”

So, I’ve always read other blogs and thought “How neat! I would never be able to do that.” But, then I remembered this is the year of not just sitting back and talking about everything I want to do, but actually DOING IT! So, I decided, Why not! What will it hurt, right? I started googling “how to start a blog” and “what you are suppose to write about.” And well, this may scare some people right away, but I realized I don’t have a target audience, or even anything specific I’m trying to blog about. I guess I am just kind of using this to share things that are too good to keep to myself and hopefully inspire some people along the way. I am 23 years old, blessed beyond belief, engaged to an amazing man, and have lived in 4 different states in the past year, so what better way to document these times! I hope I can bring inspiration and love to your lives as you follow me!

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