Every. Single. Morning.

In my house that I live in now, my headboard is basically a huge window. So, every single morning that I wake up the very first thing I do is look out the window and just thank God for another day and all the many blessings that he has given me, Every. Single. Morning!! I feel like too many people these days wake up, and the first thing they do is think about everything that they have to get done that day. They are instantly stressed as their to-do-list is running through their mind. Let me remind you all that God knows exactly what your day will contain, each and every day, where as you only have a vague idea. And he won’t show you exactly what is on the road ahead, but he will definitely equip you for it. Try to view each day as an adventure planned out by God instead of trying to program it according to your will. Thank him for the day and trust him in each moment.
I read this in a magazine the other day:

When you’re in the thick of it all, it can be easy to lose sight to whats most important.
So here’s a bright idea: Rather then feel crowded by your obligations,
take a deep breath, clear a space for yourself and God,
and focus on what truly matters. You’re happy. You’re healthy. And you’re loved.
Everything else is just details.

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